Powerful Daily Affirmations

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What are Daily Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements that are chanted each and every day and describe a goal that has already been completed. It’s an expression of gratitude to the universe for delivering on a goal fulfilled

If you exercise repeating your affirmations daily you are re-programming your unconscious mind for success and you will see results much the same way as the body benefits from physical exercise.

Techniques for setting daily affirmations

I would like to share with you a technique to setting powerful daily affirmations that will work.

The first and most important words ever spoken are “I AM” these two words state that which is already…

Always use the present tense and state what it is you want in the positive sense.

Affirm specifically what it is you want (not what you don’t want!) and keep it short, it is easier to remember. Rhyming makes your affirmations even more memorable.

Include in your affirmation a doing word (ending with -ing), and a feeling or emotive word.

Only make affirmations for yourself about yourself and your life.

Allow yourself 5 minutes or so every day to repeat your affirmations – preferably out loud with high energy and enthusiasm. Try it in the morning perhaps while you are in the shower, at least one other time during your day and again in the evening maybe to yourself in the mirror after you brush your teeth and head to bed.

Repetitive affirmations will gradually return your focus to manifesting the life of your dreams.


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