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Indulge me a little here and close your eyes. Now imagine how you would climb a mountain. Would you start at the top of the mountain, then cling on for dear life and pray you don’t fall off it?  Or would you start at the bottom of the mountain, gradually making your way to the top?

I’m pretty sure we all know that nobody starts at the top of the mountain!  So much easier and safer to start at the bottom and then work your way up to the top.

Life Journey

This method is true of so many processes that we come across in life.

Running a marathon – you start at the start line (0%) and run towards the finish line (100%).  You don’t start at the finish line and make your way back to the start!

Learning a new language – you start not knowing any words (0%) and gradually build up to being completely fluent (100%), You don’t start at being fluent and then forget it all!

I’ve outlined some of my top tips to success using text and images, these can be applied to the different ways we negogiate this wonderful and beautiful mountain called LIFE.

Remember how you climb that mountain is more important than reaching the top 

Aim high, if you don’t aim for the top of the mountain, how are you ever going to get halfway up?

Don’t be afraid to fail

Pace yourself – it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Committing to a goal is difficult, but seeing progress is something we never regret.

Step out of your comfort zone

Keep going – don’t give up

Find the time to make it happen

Help others – if you can help someone, support them as much as you can.

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there”~Vince Lombardi



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